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Shrine Units2016-11-08T11:43:13-07:00
4 River Paddlers and Johnny Poppers2017-01-05T10:30:22-07:00

Meets: at the call of the President

Kevin Neuhauser, President, 605.280.7585, [email protected]
Larry Kirkpatrick, Secretary, 605.224.2502, [email protected]

The Four Rivers Paddlers make up a unit that participates in Shrine as well as other parades in communities across the state, but more predominantly in western South Dakota. They’re easy to spot in any parade riding in their four fiberglass boats mounted on a variety of motorized golf carts. By doing a number of turns, spins and maneuvers, they add a humorous measure of controlled confusion to any event — always good for a smile or laugh from the spectators.

The Johnny Poppers are a group of antique 2 cylinder John Deere tractors ranging from a 1937 “A” to a 1951 “G” and have been restored to” like new ” condition. They also participate in a number of parades across the state.

Air Patrol2018-07-26T13:19:15-06:00

Meets: First Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 at the Naja Shrine Center

Don Pinkerton, Commander, 605.390-4277, [email protected]
Steve Lofswold, Secretary, 605.390-5818, [email protected]

The Air Patrol is a fun-loving unit, originally formed by pilots to transport other unit members to and from various Shrine functions. In some instances, patients were transported to the different Shrine Hospitals in personal member aircraft. Over time the Air Patrol has become a motorized unit comprised of newly purchased scooters. There are still a few pilots; however, the unit’s primary functions are to support Naja Shrine in parade events as well as social get-togethers with members and their families.

Blast & Cast2018-06-04T11:48:31-06:00

Meeting:  fourth Monday of the month


Brian Cole, President, 605.306.9400 [email protected]
Jeff VanCuren, Secretary, 605.716.5157 [email protected]

The NAJA Blast and Cast Unit was created in 2015 to promote fellowship, knowledge, and good will among Nobles and their Ladies of hunting, fishing, boating, recreation, and firearms skills.

This unit will provide a variety of different activities and events to include, hunter and firearms safety, adult and kids fishing events, group wild-game hunts, and guest speakers and instructors for various outdoor activities. Members of this unit have a wide variety and many years of experience in fishing, fly fishing, boating, hunting, weapons safety, trap shooting, and other outdoor activities.  If you have a love for the outdoors, want to learn more about any of these activities, or have new activities to bring to the Unit, please join us!  We meet the last Monday of each month!



Meeting:  fourth Tuesday of each month


Rick Holloway, President 605.415.3577 [email protected]
Scott Sharp, Secretary, 605.431.0937 [email protected]

The NAJA Brewers of the Mystic Shrine is a NAJA Unit dedicated to the art of home brewing, wine making, distilling, and great food to accompany these beverages. We have a unit meeting every month at various locations depending on brewing/distilling schedules, bottling needs, and tasting times. These meetings are open to Unit members and those nobles interested in joining and include home brew tastings and presentations on home brewing/distilling/cooking and related topics.

The NAJA Brewers of the Mystic Shrine was formed in 2016 to promote fun, fellowship, and the art of brewing/wine making, and distilling. Members are made up of veteran brewers, beginners, and lovers of great beer and wine who want to learn more about the history, brewing/distilling techniques, and overall enjoyment of beer, wine and spirits.  Members help each other, share in hosting monthly brews, and produce beer for special NAJA events such as Octoberfest, the Potentate’s Ball, and other events at the request of the Potentate.

If you like to home brew, make wine, or want to learn how, please consider joining our Unit!


Director’s Staff2018-01-09T13:37:57-07:00

Meets: at the call of the President

William Biegger, President, 605.721.8638
Dan Arnio PP, Secretary, 605.391-7417, [email protected]

The Director’s Staff unit is headed by the Naja Shrine Director, who is appointed by the Potentate. This unit members are charged with organizing and performing the Second Section for all Naja Shrine Ceremonials.

Fall River Shrine Patrol2019-01-09T14:26:53-07:00

Meets: First Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge in Hot Springs; in May and September the Unit meets at the Masonic Building in Edgemont

David Baker, President, 605.608 
Al Jensen, Secretary, 605.745.3277, [email protected]

The Fall River Shrine Patrol (FRSP) is Naja’s Shrine Unit in the Southern gateway to the Black Hills. Unit membership is open to all Shriners in the Hot Springs and Edgemont area, as well as Nobles in good standing in Naja Shrine. The unit participates in Shrine and non-Shrine parades with our go-carts, a 1957 VW Hack Truck, and a 1992 Pontiac convertible. The group recently acquired the Hillbillies Parade unit, as well a lawn tractor pulling several two wheeled vehicles as well. The unit has just finished building new go karts to supplement their other equipment.

Unit objectives are to provide a well-organized and well-instructed group of members to promote Shrinedom, support Naja activities, perform in a mannerly fashion in all parades, and promote social activities and good fellowship.

All of members of the Fall River Shrine Patrol may belong to other Naja units. All are welcome to visit, become a member, and join the fun.

Four Rivers Shrine Club2018-01-09T13:46:19-07:00

Meets: At the call of the President

The Four Rivers Shrine Club is located in West-Central South Dakota and consists of members from the White, Bad, Cheyenne and the Missouri River areas. The club was organized in 1974.

The group host several club activities during the year, starting with the President’s Ball in February or March. The Foster Bay camp out and fish fry is held on the third weekend in June each year, followed by a family picnic in late summer, a pot luck supper and card party in November, and a Christmas visitation with caroling and gifts to local nursing homes in Philip, Wall, Martin and Kadoka in December.

The club has three parade units, the Four River paddlers, the Johnny Poppers and the Old McDonalds Brigade.

Kevin Neuhauser, President
23817 192nd Street
Midland, SD  57552
[email protected]
Joel Stephens, Secretary
PO Box 529
Wall, SD  57790
[email protected]
Golf Club2019-01-09T14:30:49-07:00

Meets: at the call of the President

Gordon Parlet, President, 605.390-6581, [email protected]
Louie Osborn, Secretary, 605.863-3407, [email protected]

The Shrine Golf Club, as you might guess, is a club for the golf-enthusiast. Members of the golf club, including Shriners and their Ladies, meet and golf at a variety of courses around the area enjoying both the socializing and a little competition on the course.

The Golf Club also enthusiastically participates in parade events. Look for their formation of golf-carts representing the Shriners organization and honoring our fallen Nobles.